Put Your Social Media on Steroids with the Buffer App

Posted on October 29, 2012

Ryan Stewman



If you’re anything like me, and you think of all sorts of entertaining things to post on social media, but you don’t want to over post, I have a simple solution. There is new social media management app called “BufferApp” it is super simple and easy to use. They even offer a variety of plugins and add-ons for the app.

Buffer will allow you to link up to 3 accounts for free and up to 12 accounts for a small monthly fee. I could only get it to work with Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. The API keys for the other networks were not available yet. Truth be told, those 3 are the main site any business person needs to survive in today’s online world any way. Anything else is just a bonus.

Buffer offers an app on the iPhone as well as a toolbar plugin. It allows you to easily and quickly buffer your posts while surfing the web in chrome. This feature is an easy way to find cool stories when you have time to surf the web, but not over lap your posts too close together to where they get ignored or you become annoying to your connections.

The Buffer App also automatically shrinks your links and even gives you analytics as to how many like, comments, retweets and share you got on each of your buffered posts.

I found this really cool app through this blog. It was a new share icon that popped up when I did a recent update. I looked into it and was like “this is cool.” Expect to see the buffer logo on more and more sites. Get familiar with it and use it as a time filter for your future posts.

I made this quick video to demonstrate how easy it is to set up an account and created a buffered post. After you watch the video, share this with a friend. Hit the tweet or facebook share button. HOOK A BROTHA UP! Thanks.




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