Real Estate Agents Can Use Vizify in Their Listing Presentations

Posted on August 06, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Have you ever realized how long power point has been around? Have you ever thought about looking for something more interactive than power point, to use in your listing presentations?   If you answered “yes” I did too.   That’s why I started looking around. There are other similar programs out there, but they are all expensive, and they are useless without you using it in person, or sending an email. Well, I guess you could shoot a screenflow video with a ppt,(that’s how I got started) but that was SO TWO YEARS AGO!

I wanted to find a tool that I could set up once, and it works 24/7 on the web for me. I found it! “It” is called Vizify. Real Estate Agents can use vizify in their listing presentations. Vizify is basically an interactive online biography/resume.   It’s a powerful tool, that not only looks really cool, it has insane SEO juice too. See for yourself in this weeks video below.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Vizify


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