The Real Reason You Never Have Time

Posted on May 29, 2014

Ryan Stewman



I hear it all the time. The go to excuse of lazy people everywhere. “I don’t have time.” It’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, an excuse. You make time for what matters.Whatever-Clock-compressed

The real problem is that people with no time have their priorities fucked up. They make time for fun, clubs, travel and everything that doesn’t add real value to their life, but can’t seem to get ahead in the areas that matter, like business.

Not having time is completely psychological. It’s all in your head. You’ve got the same 24 hours today as you had yesterday and tomorrow. What you do with them is strictly up to you. You can choose not to make the time, but you can’t say you don’t have the time.

People who say they don’t have time actually mean they don’t want to make time. They are too busy living a life of comfort. Making time for something that will bring massive value to your life usually has hard work attached to it. It’s all about making the effort vs staying comfortable.

I know plenty of busy people who make time for the shit that counts. They either wake up earlier, make sacrifices in other areas such as entertainment, or rearrange their schedule to accommodate what matters most to them. I promise you partying and vacation are not what matter most to successful people.

I hear excuses every day. The most popular one is “I don’t have the time” It’s everybody’s go-to excuse because it’s easy and only lazy people have go-to excuses, or any excuses at all for that matter.

When someone pulls the “I don’t have time” excuse out, what they are saying is that they don’t want to make the effort. It’s never about the time. Time goes on with or without us. It’s about the effort you put in during the time you have.

People who don’t have time are self sabotagers. They’ve learned to live comfortably in the world they created. They feel like they worked so hard just to get where they are at, that they can’t imagine risking or adding more to their mismanaged time load.   Those same people usually have time each week for the club and American Idol. The same people who can’t commit an hour a week to growing in some area of their life will spent 30 hours on a Breaking Bad bender and swear “it’s addicting”.

The real reason you don’t have time is because you are lazy, scared and weak. I put in effort 20 hours a day for about 13 months. Drove my wife nuts, abandoned all entertainment and straight hustled content out. It was hell. It was hard work and it wasn’t always fun. I stuck to it relentlessly and now time works for me.

I worked my ass off creating things that would create time for me. Sales pitches on automation, video sales letters, blog posts like this and everything in between. I did it when I surely didn’t have time but I had a sure vision of what could be.

I made the time for what counts. I turned off the TV, the movies, going out, spending extra money and everything it took. I didn’t just make time, I made an effort and drastic change. I was willing to sacrifice then to reap the rewards I have now.

Next time someone tells you they don’t have time, you tell them “we all have time, choose what you do with it wisely.” Then look on their facebook page Sunday morning and see where they spent 8 hours Saturday night blowing money and time on something they won’t even remember.

If you’re ready to make the time to take your life and business to the next level, fill out the form on this page and apply to join us at Break Free Academy. I’ll show you how to make time, if you make the effort.


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