ReWire 289: Balance Is Complete Bullsh*t

Posted on May 02, 2019

Ryan Stewman



Often times in life we hear people talk about how you need to find balance in your life or that they are “trying to find balance in their life.”

Balance, is complete bullshit.

There is only one type of balance you need to seek out in life and it’s not work/life or family balance.

The only balance in life you should be after in life regardless of what anyone tells you is to be chasing what’s next and loving what’s now.

The balance you are looking for is always be chasing what’s next but remaining appreciative of the things you have now.

You can totally be in love with what you have now and still be wanting/chasing more.

There is zero shame in that at all.

What kind of balance are you looking for in life?

In this episode of The Rewire Podcast, Ryan Stewman talks about how balance is complete bullshit.

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Balance Is Complete Bullsh*t

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