ReWire 387: When The Starter Gets Hurt And The Second String Has To Step Up

Posted on September 18, 2019

Ryan Stewman



If you’ve checked out the previous ReWire Podcast episode, you know that Ryan Stewman got banged up in an ATV accident.

While Ryan is recouping the Break Free Academy Vice President Drewbie Wilson is stepping up to make sure the ReWire Podcast is still available for you daily.

That being said, Drewbie is talking about stepping up when the time comes and your team needs you.

Just like when the starting quarterback goes down and the second string QB has to step up and lead the team.

In this episode of The Rewire Podcast, The BFA Vice President, Drewbie Wilson steps in and talks about when the second string has to step in and step up.

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When The Starter Get Hurts And The Second String Has To Step Up

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