ReWire 480: Who You’re With Is More Important Than What You Do

Posted on January 23, 2020

Ryan Stewman



One of the most crucial elements of the “G-Code” is G-4 which is the group of people you surround yourself with.

Who you’re with is more important than what you do.

Let’s say you hang around with some gangsters and you’re doing nothing just hanging out at their house and the police raid their house and you are there, your ass is going to jail.

If you are hanging around average people and you start to level up you won’t feel the same surrounding yourself with average people.

If you want to become great you have to surround yourself with great people.

If you want to play big you need to hang out with people playing even bigger.

When you are around people doing bigger things than you, you might start to feel inadequate but that inadequacy is the very thing that will push you to want more not push you to quit.

In this episode of “The Rewire Podcast, Ryan Stewman talks about who you’re with is more important than what you do.

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Who You”re With Is More Important Than What You Do

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