ReWire 584: You Gotta Rip The Band-Aid Off

Posted on June 18, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Sometimes in life, just like when we were kids, we gotta just rip the band-aid off.

When you try to take it off slow it just draws the pain out even longer.

When you just buckle down and tear it off swiftly it’s way less painful as well as much faster.

We all get wounded along the way in this called life.

Along the way, a lot of us are trying to just cover these wounds with band-aids and not focused on the healing.

A lot of people are just covering up their wounds not healing them.

In this episode of “The ReWire Podcast” Ryan Stewman talks about how you sometimes just gotta rip the band-aid off.

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You Gotta Rip The Band-Aid Off

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