ReWire 605: A Hunter Has To Stay Hungry Or He Won’t Eat

Posted on July 17, 2020

Ryan Stewman



A hunter has to stay hungry or he won’t eat.

Human beings are hunters.

We are like lions.

As entrepreneurs, we are the alpha personality type.

We are the ruling class and we are always looking for more.

We are hunters and we have to go out and get it.

The hunter only hunts when they are hungry.

A lion only goes out to kill something when it’s hungry.

If a hunter wakes up in the morning with a refrigerator full of food he doesn’t have to go out hunting that day.

If there is an abundance of food the hunter won’t have to go out and do what needs to be done.

This is a metaphor for life.

Stay on the hunt no matter how stocked your refrigerator is.

In this episode of “The ReWire Podcast” Ryan Stewman talks about why a hunter has to stay hungry if he wants to eat.

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A Hunter Has To Stay Hungry Or He Won’t Eat

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