ReWire 608: Every Day Is A Good Day

Posted on July 22, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Every day is a good day. 

It doesn’t matter how shitty or hard your day was, you had at least one win for the day so why not focus on that?

It’s all about what we focus on. 

Focus on the wins and the good of the day and your day will more than likely feel like a good one. 

If you flip the script and just focus on the shitty parts of your day, well, you will more than likely have a bad day. 

Bad things will always happen it’s just a matter of how much control over your attitude and day you’re going to give up to the bad things. 

Let the bad roll off your back and give your full focus to those wins every day regardless of how little they might be. 

In this episode of “The ReWire Podcast” Ryan Stewman talks about how every day is a good day.

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Everyday Is A Good Day

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