ReWire 615: The Bouncing Ball Syndrome

Posted on July 31, 2020

Ryan Stewman



A lot of people are out here struggling with “the bouncing ball syndrome.”

“The bouncing ball syndrome” is living a life with constant ups and downs. 

One minute the ball is high, on top of the world, then the next minute it’s back down to rock bottom. 

The good news about rock bottom is it will eventually bounce back up if you put the right energy into the bounce.

If you don’t put the right energy into the bounce the bounces will start getting smaller and smaller. 

The bounces will get smaller and smaller until where the ball will just remain flat. 

If the ball stops bouncing and lays flat you already know nothing is happening.  

In this episode of “The ReWire Podcast” Ryan Stewman talks about the bouncing ball syndrome.

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The Bouncing Ball Syndrome 

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