Robots Vs. Humans: Who Can Sell Better? [Video]

Posted on December 27, 2017

Ryan Stewman



It’s no secret that robots are on the rise. Just yesterday, Joe Rogan posted a video of a robot doing push-ups and even sweating. Facebook is furiously working on augmented reality and artificial intelligence seems to be on every rich person’s agenda.

One of my fears is that robots will replace salespeople in the 2030’s in the same manner that robots replaced factory workers in the 90’s. Sure, not all factory workers were given the boot, but a hell of a lot of them were affected.

Do you think robots will replace salespeople?

After all, on average salespeople hate follow up, they can be unreliable and it’s hard for them to manage a CRM. Meanwhile, robots love doing all those things. And all those things are exactly what robots are designed for.

With companies like Quicken Mortgage’s Rocket Mortgage and Esurance on the market, there’s a good chance a lot of the mediocre sales jobs will be replaced by robots. My advice is for you to perfect your craft and become the expert because average salespeople will be replaced by relentless robots.

Watch this video, get the whole story on robots vs. humans and learn how this uprising impacts your job. Be sure to share this on social media and if you want to build your own sales robots, join us at

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