Rock Star Closer Radio: Every Entrepreneur is in these two businesses only

Posted on January 02, 2013

Ryan Stewman



We all think we are in the real estate business or social media marketing business, but the truth is that none of that matters if you don’t realize the core business that you are in. Not every Entrepreneur knows exactly what it is that drives and grows their business.  

I’m a HUGE believer in breaking complex ideas and issues down to their simplest form. That’s what people pay me to do. I take their big ass problems and solve them by taking my clients through small, easy to implement steps, that compound over time, with consistency.  

In this week’s show, I break down exactly what those two businesses are and why mastering them is crucial to every businesses survival moving forward.  

Once I’ve broken it all down and explained what two businesses we are in, I go on to talk about what it is going to take legitimately and confidently raise your prices in 2013. If you want to make more money this year you are going to have to do one of two things.  

Thing 1:

You are going to have to go out an acquire more customers. Ultimately in most cases this means more work. Maybe even just from a management standpoint but more customers almost always equals more work.  

Thing 2:

You are going to have to raise your prices. If you are looking to make more money in 2013 without having to work harder, you are going to have to raise your prices. To think otherwise is simply foolish and mathematically impossible.   At the end of the show, which is full of killer, useful content by the way, I give you information to a website to visit. You can accomplish the same thing by filling out the form below, right here on this blog page.   I don’t say this very often, but you probably want to grab a pen and paper for this one. I’ve got a powerful lineup of pros on the roster for the year and I definitely could not start the year off without a BANG! KABOOM!   Enjoy the show and be sure to share this information with a friend.  

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