Rock Star Closer Radio: Put Me In Coach with Presley Swagerty

Posted on February 13, 2013

Ryan Stewman



For a couple of months now, I have been hearing about a gentleman named Presley Swagerty. I’ve heard numerous wonderful people, and past guests of the show, talk about what a magnificent person he is. Back in late December of 2012 Presley and I had a quick phone conversation and I was able to convince him to come on the show. About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of actually meeting him in person. I’ve been doing this show for about 2 years now and most of my guest are from any where but here. It’s always refreshing to meet cool people in person and not just through facebook or whatever. Presley Swagerty is a cool person.

Presley SwagertyThey don’t call Presley “Coach” for nothing. He has that magnetism and authenticity about him, that makes you want to learn more about him. I can spot a Leader from across a crowded room in a split second, and Presley Swagerty is a Leader. The way he speaks and carries himself is a dead give away that he’s a winner. Come to find out, he has a daughter that is a country music star SaraBeth and a son who is a professional athlete. They don’t call him “Coach” for nothing ;-)

As we dive in to the show, Presley talks about alignment and surrounding yourself with winners. He said “if you can become friends with someone who has already been there, done that, you can borrow the playbook from them.” I’m a firm believer in alignment. Who you hang out with, is who you are. I’m glad I hang out with people like you and Presley Swagerty. On top of all that, Presley has built a direct selling organization of over 250,000 sales reps. “No” he was not given some top spot, and he is not the master distributer. He worked hard for everything he has. You will hear in the show about his humble beginnings in the not-so Pleasant Grove. He even mentions the ripple effect of his kids seeing their mom and dad chase their dreams, and how that encouraged the kids who are now living their dreams. All in all, this is the one show you want to tune into. It was a complete honor to have Presley Swagerty on the show. He is such a nice guy with a heart as big as Cowboy’s Stadium. When he talks about your list of friends and the three categories you should put them in, it will hit home for many of you.

Enjoy the show

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