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Posted on February 20, 2013

Ryan Stewman



About 4 months ago, through a mutual connection on linkedin, I was introduced to Stephan Piscano the CEO of the killer new website (to use a general term) Stephan built ListedBy from the consumer’s point of view. He saw huge voids in the online real estate market that could be easily filled. He has now since, filled those voids with Listedby.   As we start the show, Stephan Piscano tells us about the time he spent buying and selling homes on ebay. This alone blew my mind. I had no idea ebay even sold homes. He goes on to tell us, even though he had a lot of success selling on ebay, the site was not really made for real estate. **Side Note: I should have asked him if he sold homes on Amazon too lol** ListedBy  

I’ve done a live webinar in the past with Stephan and even a review of his site. I’m an avid fan and I love what he has created. There are so many ways realtors, investors, FSBOs and service providers can use ListedBy to market themselves and their properties.   The site has it all. You can instantly buy and sell homes. You can purchase investment properties and even non-performing notes. Commercial real estate properties are welcome on ListedBy as well. This is the only hub that has ever been created to offer so much and share so much important data. ListedBy is definitely the future.  

As the show goes on, Stephan Piscano and I talk about several different ways you can immediately start using ListedBy. Everything on the site is free and with ListedBy still being in its infancy stage, it’s wide open for you to mark your spot. You can be one of the first ones to establish your presence there. It’s free. What do you have to lose?   If you are in the mortgage business ListedBy is a great resource for you to share with your realtors. Same goes for insurance agents and contractors. This site can be the hub that let’s you know if it has foundations problems or roofing issues.  

I’d like to thank Stephan Piscano for sharing his time with us and creating this awesome site which solves so many industry issues. Tune into the show and put this stuff into action in your business today.


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