Rockstar Closer Radio: The Art of Agent Seduction

Posted on March 21, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Are you tired of buying lunches for Agents and never getting a single lead from them? If this is happening to you, it’s for one reason and one reason only. You have not shown the Agent any value in YOU. Realtors can get money from any bank on any corner. What they need is marketing help. Someone to help them sell houses. What you need is to master the art of agent seductions.   Now let’s be clear about the word seduction here. Here is the internet dictionary’s definition of the word: “seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person, to lead astray, as from duty.” Over the years the word has been associated with negative issues like marital infidelity and such. Truth is, the word can be a very positive expression too.   If you see an Agent that you want to help. Who needs your help. Who will drastically improve their business and lifestyle by utilizing your help. Would you think it a negative connotation if you lead them astray from what they are currently doing into something better? That’s the kind of seduction we are talking about here.   *You can not use any of this stuff for evil purposes. This is solely intended to bring value to Agents lives. If you use this for evil you are a certified douche*invaluable keychain   First off, you must know what exactly the Agent does for a living. Most Loan Officers think realtors sell homes and write contracts. While a part of their job includes these items, the #1 job of a Realtor is to market. Market Property. Market themselves. Market their services. Market. Market. Market.   Realtors have a million different people trying to get either business from them or money from them. Title companies, loan officers, insurance agents, property inspectors, lead gen companies, CRM reps, MLS dues, lock boxes, sign makers and so much more. Agents are one of the top “sold to” niches in the USA.   You need a plan to seduce the Agent to you. Unlike all these other vendors who constantly go to the agent begging for business.   How do you do that you ask? You can start with connecting with the Agent on Facebook. Not LinkedIn; Facebook. Not some damned fan page either. Be their friend.   First, find out what the agent does best and is crushing it with in their marketing.   Second, find out what the agent needs the most help with and wants to outsource.   Third, buy an info product on what ever it is the Agent needs the most help with and learn how to do it for them.   Fourth, inspect the thing the Agent says they do best to make sure they really do it best.   Fifth, try your new set of skills out on an Agent you already work with.   Sixth, demonstrate the results from your Agent on Facebook and how you are an expert at said subject.   Seventh, start leaving comments demonstrating your expertise on the seducee’s Facebook posts. Not bullshit “look at me comments,” but prolific answers that will matter to the Agent.   Eighth, repeat until the Agent reaches out to you.   This will work, and it can be done for multiple Agents at once. I’ve found in my travels and speaking on stage from coast to coast at real estate seminars, most Agents have a common need. I’ve found that many Realtors want the same exact thing. It’s not what you think either.   If you are ready to become invaluable to Agents and want Realtors lining up your email with requests to work with YOU, we need to talk. I’ve conducted 100s of strategy sessions with Realtors from coast to coast. I’ve asked live from the stages at the seminars I’ve spoken at about what an Agent needs from a referral partner. The answer has never been “someone who has great service.” The answer is always “someone who can help me grow my business.”   It’s all about the Agent, and if you don’t get on board with it, you will be left bored with it. Fill out the short form below and let’s talk about how I can help you put an end to the “Realtor revolving door” and into undying loyalty from your Realtors while earning respect and envy from your fellow Loan Officers.  

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