Rock Star Closer Radio: The Biggest Niche in Real Estate with NO Competition with Amin Rad

Posted on November 07, 2012

Ryan Stewman



This week as I continue in my battle to remember to say “Rock Star Closer Radio” as opposed to “Sales Finesse”. It’s a struggle, I should find a 12 step program for it. Oh wait, maybe after 12 more shows I will have it down. This week on the show my good friend Amin Rad talks about the biggest niche in real estate with no competition. That’s right, the biggest sector of real estate is virtually untouched by other real estate agents. Amin Rad is the CEO/Broker of Mortgage Rescue Realty.


I have personally known Amin and have seen his work first hand. We have done numerous deals together over the years and from time to time I help him with his sales force training. So I can say with confidence that Amin has a system down when it comes to his niche, that is unparalleled anywhere.
It’s just like anything else, you bump your head against the wall enough, eventually you will find a way around it. Amin has been through ups and downs in the real estate market but he is a “SURVIVOR”(to the Destiny’s Child song beat) Amin has had connections inside all of the major banking outlets for 6+ years. He has a record of never-failing to meet a deadline. In his niche (which we talk about on the show) deadlines are crucial to closing deals. What if you could go into a new niche in your local real estate market, help people sell their homes that need it the most and make a shit ton of money at the same time? What if it required you to work your ass off for 2 weeks every month but you chilled the other 2.5? What if this very same niche has virtually and literally NO COMPETITION because it actually requires you to bust you ass? But you can make a killing doing it and you have someone on your side to help make the process turn-key. Listen to this weeks show and hear the WIDE OPEN market inside of real estate and how you can take over your local market. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to have a real estate license to participate. Enjoy…. 



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