Rock Star Closer Radio: The Business of Big Ticket Sales with Kevin Nations

Posted on December 19, 2012

Ryan Stewman



After almost two years of growing the show, thanks to all of you listeners and my wonderful guests I was able to bring the best of the best on the show today.  

I learned the business of big ticket sales with Kevin Nations way back in 2011. I invested in myself and hired him as a mentor. Right away, Kevin took me from knowing I had something inside of me, to a methodical plan of product creation and sales execution. I still use his RAPID selling process on a daily basis. It is a major honor to have had him on our show today.  

One of the top things Kevin Nations talks about on the show today is being able to charge a premium price for your goods or services. Kevin talks about how he sold commodities at premium prices when he began his career in sales. He talks about how sales people should be magicians and not mules.  

Another main topic of the show was patience in the sales process. The Kevin Nations selling method is all about offering a solution to end the pain. In order to poke around enough to identify that pain, you must conjure a great deal of patience. You don’t want to seem like you came with a sales agenda. You want to seem like you found a solution to the problem them have.  

Many sales people rush to try to close the deal. They try to make a sale too fast. When you make an offer to someone timing is everything. Knowing when to present an offer is key. Knowing what to offer is key too! Once you have listened enough to your prospect and identified what it is that they need in order to reach their goal, you can then offer them that “bridge” that will get them over the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.  

Kevin Nations is the KING of BIG TICKET SALES.

You get a full 30 minutes of kick ass Kevin Nations content for free on the show as well as another free 72 minute webinar by going to   Enjoy the show, share the info with a friend.  

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