Rock Star Closer Radio: The Legend of the Sales Warrior with Thor Saleswarlord

Posted on January 30, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Some serious “Sales Ass” was kicked on Rock Star Close today. My new friend from Australia, Thor Saleswarlord brought his sales warrior mentality and his A-Game with him today. (as expected)   This is the 2nd time the show has hosted an international guest of epic proportions. We had the lovely Virginia Munden from Canada, on last year. Sales are the same, no matter where you are from. As Thor discusses, sales people are looked down upon everywhere, but at the same time people buy shit everywhere.   I met Thor Saleswarlord on facebook when my pal Frank Kern mentioned him in a success post. I thought “What a firggin kick-ass name. I got to friend this guy up” and I did. We hit it off like long-lost brothers! Turns out even though we live half a world away, we share the same world views.   As we get into the show, you can feel the energy coming through your speakers and tickling the hairs in your ears. The words and sentences that flow from the two of us on this show, are a call to arms for Sales Warriors all across the globe.   There is a ton of sales wisdom that you can mine from just 30 short minutes of air time. Thor and I waste absolutely no time, and jump right into straight up sales talk. At about 10 minutes in, we really turn it up. I got a facebook message in the middle of the show from a listener, telling me how pumped up he was from listening. I’ll bet ya that guy made a sale this afternoon.


There… I said it. I mean that shit too. If you will buy into the philosophy of sales and the mentality, that both Thor Saleswarlord and myself talk about on the show, you can’t avoid making more sales. End of story.  

Be sure to check out Thor’s free audio by visiting below and Friend him on facebook here   Enjoy the Show.   

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