Rock Star Closer Radio: The Power of the Confidence Man

Posted on March 13, 2013

Ryan Stewman



We’ve all heard the term, and let’s be honest, been called con-men at one point or another in our careers. If you have sold your weight in goods or services chances are you’ve made an enemy out of either a client or a competitor. The go to words are usually “snake oil” or “con man”. I did a little research to see exactly where those terms come from and why the hell we say them.   Most definitions of “con man” include fancy words like swindler and manipulator. However most people associate the word “confidence” with positive emotion. The word “man” is used 100s of times per day by every english speaking American. So why when you combine the two do they become this big, negative, stigmatic phrase? Track with me here…   First let me give you the definition of the word “confidence” is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective.Confidence man   Here is where the phrase comes from and why it caught on. Very few people have confidence in themselves. Human nature tends to make us dislike things in others we wish we had. Over the years as salesmen and women evolved they became more confident in their services and goods. They had the ability to look clients in the eyes and promise their shit worked.   The average salesman lacks this skill. The average salesman lacks belief in their products. The Confidence Man is certain he has or is the best. Back in the day and still today, this drove the competition nuts. The weak ass competitors had no confidence in their products or services and began to attack instead of innovate.   The pissed off competitors would play to the public’s lack of confidence as well. Carefully and methodically they would place thoughts in the heads of consumers like; “This guy is way too confident. Almost to the point of arrogance” “Don’t you think he is a little too convincing?” [notice the use of the prefix “con” in convincing?]   Over time the people used the code word “con-man” when a new salesman would come to town. That was the locals way of ‘protecting’ the public from vicious salesmen that might have better shit for sale.   On this week’s show, you will learn where confidence comes from. How to summon it and overcome self-objections. It’s just me. No guest. All content and all kick ass. Tune in and turn it up.  

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