Rockstar Closer Radio: The Reasons Salespeople Need an Angle

Posted on April 12, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Everybody in sales has heard the word “angle” used as a synonym of leverage. In many cases an angle can mean leverage but there is a history and a reason the word angle has been tossed around every sales meeting since the dawn of time.   The word angle when applied to sales means a different point of entry to the sales process. An edge above the competition that appeals to the inner wants of your prospects. We all need an angle if we are truly going to have success in sales. But what are the reasons salespeople need an angle you ask?

The sad thing about most salespeople is they think they already have an angle. But if your pitch is the same as every other Joe Schmo sales guy out there you don’t have an angle. You have a pitch. An angle is a unique way to approach your prospect with an offer they can’t resist.   A sales angle is not customer service or availability or communication. That shit is everywhere and will not separate you from the crowd. You need to create an offer that your prospects can’t refuse. Sales angles are also used to avoid pressure. You can even utilize them to trap prospects with their own words. Your only job in sales is to close. In order to close you have to be better or at the very least appear better than all of your competitors. I go over the exact steps to do just that in this weeks radio show.

Tune in to the radio show below and if you like what you hear be sure to subscribe to the podcast as well as share the show on social media. This weeks show includes a detailed process on how you can easily create a sales angle to start using immediately.

Enjoy the show!

The Reasons Salespeople Need an Angle


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