Rock Star Closer Radio: Video Marketing that Sells Real Estate with Colleen Frost

Posted on February 27, 2013

Ryan Stewman



You know when you meet that one person that you just clique with instantly? For me, that person is the lovely and energetic Colleen Frost. The first time I met her we talked about a facebook strategy. Within 2 hours she had implemented that very strategy and received a lot of results from it. After that, I wash 100% convinced of the awesomeness that is Colleen Frost.  

On a business note: Colleen has been a Realtor in the North Dallas and Collin County areas for two years. Last year in 2012, she was the #1 top produceColleen Frost Profiler in a rather large KW office. Recently she made the switch over to Halo Group Realty in Allen, Texas. I’m impressed with her tremendous success in such a short amount of time.   

There is no secret to her success. She works smart and hard. She knows her shit and when it comes to making deals work and negotiating, she is second to none. She also subscribes to a mentality that is not commonly subscribed to in the real estate industry. Colleen Frost believes it is important to develop relationships with other Realtors. She understands the importance of being a stellar negotiator while maintaining a high level of trust from the agent on the other side of the deal.  

Another MAJOR part of her success is the video marketing she has incorporated into her business plan. Colleen has mastered the art of the highly effective home movie. She tells us on the show how she records videos right on her iPhone and uploads them directly to YouTube without any editing needed. She did point out however, that she ALWAYS hires a professional videographer and photographer on every home she lists. She revealed a little known fact the helps move homes quick.  

As the show winds down you can easily hear that is not the case for Colleen Frost’s energy levels. I admire her driven passion for what she does. Her unique ability to stage, negotiate, sell and market sets her WAY apart from all of her competition. I can’t wait to see her ruling the RE Market when she has her 5 years in.   Enjoy the show.

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