Rockstar Closer Radio: How to Attract High End Corporate Clients with John Blake

Posted on August 21, 2013

Ryan Stewman



This week the show went international again. I searched all across the globe to bring you top-notch talent and this one is no exception. I welcome my guest John Blake all the way from Australia. He’s not only extremely handsome like Parker Winder, (see below) he’s also a badass surfer and salesman.

John BlakeJohn Blake Ladies

John and I talk about how to attract high-end corporate clients. John has worked with big brands like Volcom and Rip Curl. He’s super skilled at what he does and has a knack for helping others reach out to big name brands and close them.

As the show goes on we tell you how to break the corporate structure down to where you know who to contact. We also cover how to overcome the fear of talking to the Big-Wig in a company. John gives us a great tip on how to humanize any giant corporation.

John Blake

If you would like to connect with John, reach out to him via facebook. He’s very selective of who he works with and his talent lies in bringing in the big bucks. This week’s show brought to you by

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