Rockstar Closer Radio: Keepin it Real with Kate Buck Jr

Posted on August 14, 2013

Ryan Stewman



This is one of my favorite shows so far. I’ve been such a HUGE fan of KBJ for a few years, it’s crazy to think she is my friend now. I’m not just talking facebook friends either. I’m talking we’ve met, she is who she says she is on facebook and I’m proud to call her a friend. 

As you may know, Kate Buck Jr was on one of our hangouts a few weeks back. She always has great information to share so I bribed her once again to come share it with us. We talk the future of technology and social media. We discuss whether facebook will remain the dominant force in social media or will something like snapchat take the belt from them.

Kate tells us the super sneaky way she stays on top of technology and emerging platforms. It’s such a no-brainer way to keep on top of latest trends, anyone can do it. Isn’t it funny how the common sense tactics are the best?

Towards the end of the show we go deep. We talk about the future of the KBJ brand and name. What it was like to go through the life transformation she just emerged from and more. Matter of fact, after the show she sent me a personal message saying being on my show was like being on Oprah’s couch! I guess that’s a compliment, I’m not an O fan.

This show is a must. Go to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast. You can catch all the episodes including this one, on your phone and the gym/car. Also, don’t forget to share or better yet, click on one of the ads to your right and buy something! Enjoy the show.  

Keepin it Real with Kate Buck Jr

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