Rockstar Closer Radio: The Life and Times of an Internet Nomad with Cory Shanes

Posted on August 29, 2013

Ryan Stewman



This week I had the pleasure of having my pal Cory Shanes with me again. Besides his genius work ethic and knowledge of marketing, he’s a friend of mine. Cory and I have gone to a Sublime concert together. Nuff said. Cory Shanes  

A few months back, Cory came on Social Media Maniacs with us and had some fun stuff to say. I knew Cory was an expert marketer when he sent me a text telling me he got a free dog bed for my dog Bruno as part of some new deal he’s put together! That’s how you know you got a real friend, he even thinks of your dog.  

Cory has also introduced me to a lot of cool people. So I thought I would introduce him to the coolest people I know, my listeners. You will love him, he tells it exactly like it is. He’s one of us. Enjoy the show.  

Cory Shanes


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