Rockstar Closer Radio: My Note Taking Nerd with Dexter Abraham

Posted on August 07, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Honestly, I’ve not done a lot on twitter other than play and antagonize people [mainly politicians], but a few months ago I started following My Note Taking Nerd. I enjoyed how the notes were so detailed and entertaining to read. After retweeting them a few times, I also connected on facebook. From there I met up Dexter Abraham.   Dexter Abraham  

I use the term ‘met up’ lightly. I have no clue who Dexter is or what he looks like. His profile picture on everything is an avatar. He explains why in the show. He also explains why he breaks the rules, how he gets away with it, and how to perpetually wash your list like a boss. What?LIKE A BOSS!

Whoever this ‘Dexter Abraham‘ character is, is a badass. He’s ran million dollar magazine companies, publishing companies and all sorts of gangster-fied shit. Dexter goes on to tell us how important copywriting is as a skill. How he has invested 20+ years of his life into learning from the best of the best. He even drops a quick tip on how to turn written words into live salesman for you.   We also talk about our dear friend Seth Larrabee and his recent battle with cancer. While we both know Seth is a warrior, we both want to support him as well. Please click here to donate at least $25. If you donate $97 or more, I will give you a free copy of the Facebook Syndicate. It’s my small way of supporting such a great dude.

This is one of those shows where the content is so good we went about 15 minutes over. Dexter put it all out there and truly served up the audience a big plate of kick-assery. Tune in, turn up and share the shit out of this on social media!  

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