Rockstar Closer Radio: Practice How You Play with Craig Robertson

Posted on September 06, 2013

Ryan Stewman



This week, in the spirit of the NFL starting back and all, I thought I would go get us a professional football player to give us some motivation. My new friend Craig Robertson has an awesome story of winning and never giving up. Craig Robertson 

I’m always amazed when someone from humble beginnings rises all the way to the most elite position within their profession. For some it’s CEO of a Fortune 100 company. For others it’s a starting position on a professional sports team. Craig Robertson, despite many distractions and discouragements, fought a battle all the way to the top. And won.

On the show, Craig tells us his story all the way from childhood. He tells us the honest truth about the times he thought he was not going to make it. What he did despite having this feeling and what the results of those actions were/are.

You don’t want to scroll on and miss this one. This is an episode we ALL need to hear.

Craig Robertson 

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