Rockstar Closer Radio: Proactive Selling vs Reactive Selling

Posted on December 11, 2013

Ryan Stewman



You are in for a friggin treat this week. Not only will you get to listen to one of the greatest sales pitches ever!! You will also hear me break it down and give you the inside scoop of why it works so powerfully.

proactive selling

Even though I didn’t have a guest on my show this week, it’s one of the best episodes of all time. If you’re into #salesporn this one’s for you. The pitch I layout and the blueprint behind it will melt the hair in your ears buzzing and the wax melting. It’s a doozy — I tell ya.

An average sales man relies on reactive selling. Overcoming objections after they are stated by the prospect. Closers rely on proactive selling to get the job done. They know the objections before they are even stated by the prospects. If you address them up front, they no longer linger as issues, because they are solved.

This week, I take 30 full minutes to give you a direct sales pitch and the magic behind it. Feel free to take me up on my offer, the sign up link will be ready in a few days. I’ll announce it here on the blog.

Meantime, make sure you share this show and if you know your audience like you think you do, start using the proactive selling steps I give you in this week’s program. If you want to be a closer, just pay attention to how it’s done.  


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