Rockstar Closer Radio: Seventy Percent Social Media with Jared Christiansen

Posted on November 28, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Thank God for Facebook! I’ve met some of the coolest people ever on Zuck’s site. One of those cool ass people is a realtor from Fort Wayne, Indiana named Jared Christiansen. Now let’s get it straight. It’s not Christian-sen it’s Christi-an-sen. Just letting you know up front. 

In all seriousness Jared is not on TV every week. He’s not some popular online coach. He’s a regular (I use the term loosely) agent in middle America. The fact that his average post on facebook gets dozens of comments and 100s of likes, makes facebook a game changer for him.  

Jared is proof that if you know how to work a crowd on facebook you can generate endless leads from it. So really he’s not “regular” in any way. He’s actually quite extraordinary. He and his wife Amanda sell a lot of real estate and on this week’s show he tells us why and how.   Jared tells me that 70% of his business comes from facebook. Fort Wayne is not exactly a huge city yet he uses the power of facebook to generate referrals and leads from coast to coast. You can learn a lot from Jared and that’s why I brought him on the show and picked his brain. Enjoy Closers.

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