Rockstar Closer Radio: Simple Decisions to Serious Destinations with Simon Lovell

Posted on June 26, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Have you ever looked back at times in your life and wished you had made a different decision? Of course you have, we all have. Many times we look back and wish we had taken action on something. Opportunity shows up in our lives daily, but if we don’t seize that opportunity it will surely pass us by. As salespeople, we have to take every opportunity to make an income given to us. Living this commissioned only lifestyle leaves us unable to afford to miss anything.Simon Lovell  

My guest on this week’s show made a small decision a few years ago that lead to big results. Simon Lovell joins us to tell his story from all the way across the pond. Simon is a new friend of mine who hails from Bristol, UK. He took time out of his uber busy schedule to share with us his inspiring story of decision.  

One of my favorite things about running this show and personally selecting the guests, is none of the people I bring on the show bullshit us. They all tell their story straight from the heart. The good, the bad, the sad, the truth. Simon tells us about how he was bullied and grew up a fat kid. He tells us about the struggles he faced and how they sometimes worked out and sometimes not. He also shares with us about how he chose to no longer be a victim to society and bullies.  

You have to respect people who can get on the air with 50,000+ listeners and tell a real, heartfelt, story that does not always glorify them in everyone’s eyes. Simon is no exception. His story of empowerment and life changing, small decisions is a great motivator. I’m honored and glad to call people like Simon Lovell my friends. When you get real with people, you get real people.  

Enjoy this week’s show. My goal is that it motivates you to make the decisions you need to make in order to hit the next level. Also be sure to share this on all of your social media outlets so your peeps can get inspired too. 

Simon Lovell

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