Rockstar Closer Radio: Taking it the Next Level with Troy Broussard

Posted on September 12, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Well, well, well, this week marks my 100th podcast! That’s right, over 100 episodes of this crazy program are available online for you, for free. I can’t believe I’ve stuck to this as long as I have. Good times have been had and they will continue to be had! Troy Broussard

I start the show off in typical rant style and really go off about what it takes to make it in the work place today and why the hell I do this program like I do. After I get that and all the fancy announcements for Supercharged Production out of the way, I introduce my guest. And then we get down to business.

This week my guest is the world traveler and international land owner, Troy Broussard. Troy and I met through Papa Kevin Nations. I’m intrigued by the lifestyle Troy lives. Every time we talk he is on another continent. I’m extremely envious of folks who are always traveling.

It has not always been rainbows and sunshine for Troy. He tells us of his struggles and his philosophy on how hitting the bottom is the only way you can bounce up. Troy’s story is strong and it really resonated with me. Matter of fact, it will most likely hit you hard too, many of us have faced the same struggles in our journey.

Tune in and turn it up, number 100 will not disappoint! Let’s get this game started. Here’s to 100+ more.  

Troy Broussard

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