Rockstar Closer Radio: Telling It Like It Is with Tim Castleman

Posted on May 16, 2015

Ryan Stewman



This week’s show brought to you by the book Hardcore [c]Loser my latest release. It’s a book about the crazy life I’ve lived and the lessons learned from it. You can grab your copy here  Tim Castleman  

My guest this week is fellow friend and fellow Texan, Tim Castleman. Tim is a kick ass, digital entrepreneur who’ll shoot you straight, just like me. It must be a Texas thing! This week we are going to talk about the industry, the future of IM and why writing books is a skill few have, but many want.

I’ve been connected to Tim on facebook for years now. I originally was introduced to him because I clicked an affiliate link and wound up on his list. When I was a rookie marketer, his emails pissed me off. I’d unsubscribe then resubscribe. *sidenote: that must be how people feel about me now.

Funny how in the end, the bold, truthful, aggressive style of writing Tim uses, attracts exactly the type of entrepreneur he’s looking for. Hence why I always resubscribed. Now, he’s turned his writing skill into a badass biz. He’s the ONLY guy who can sell notes on events. (permission wise any way) His up front honesty got him that gig, I would imagine.   This is one of those shows you’ll probably listen to more than once. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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