Rockstar Closer Radio: The ROI of Authority with Brian Horn

Posted on May 22, 2013

Ryan Stewman



It’s no secret SEO is some complicated stuff these days. Matter of fact, you have to be a rocket scientist if you want your site to be on the first page of google. I’m not talking about your average pencil pushing nerd scientists either. I’m talking about Thor sized warrior “One giant leap for mankind” type of rocket scientist.   Brian Horn  

This week’s guest Brian Horn got his degree in rocket scientry back in 1999. After working for over a decade on the super secret NASA space SEO program he broke into the mainstream. And once again, because of my evil persuasive ways, I coaxed him into coming on this week’s show and sharing some of that rocket scientry with us laymen.  

I could write on and on about the respect and admiration I have for Brian. He’s a great father, friend and ace in the hole when it comes to SEO. Brian’s consulted and worked with the top names in the online marketing world. Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Ryan Deiss, myself and many more, have turned to Brian Horn when we wanted our sites ranked. When it comes to SEO, nobody does it quite like the Horn-Dawg!  

On the show, Brian gives us a few simple, yet powerful tips to help create what he calls the “Authority Status” online. He mentions what it takes for google to consider you and expert in today’s ever so competitive search industry. He’s also nice enough to give us the one-two punch on what to expect in the future from google and other search engines.   Be sure to subscribe to the podcast or better yet the blog here on the right hand side.

Also don’t forget to share this with a friend or blast it out on social media. I find top talken to bring to you for information, all I ask is that you share this in return. Enjoy the show.

The ROI of Authority with Brian Horn

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