Rockstar Closer Radio: Two Major Problems that are Holding Your Sales Back

Posted on January 21, 2014

Ryan Stewman



We’ve all got them. They stink, and everyone knows they are full of shit. What am I talking about? Excuses. You’ve got a few loaded on deck now. I have no real idea, but if I were to pull a random guess out of the air on how many loaded word-tracks of excuses the average person has, it would be 25. That’s like 25 pre-made reasons why folks can’t, loaded up at all times ready to be used. microphone-icon

It’s kind of sad when you think about it. We make all these excuses why we can’t win. We have made-up reasons for our failures. It’s as if our minds convince us that failure IS an option and we accept it. It’s fucking bullshit. Let me tell you.

When you get on the phone with a client, they know if you got that “back down” spirit in you. They are testing you from the word “hello” to see if you have what it takes to convince them to whip out a credit card, pay for your shit and fucking love it, all at the same time. Most don’t. They have excuses instead.

In this week’s Rockstar Closer Radio show, we talk about two very important issues you must resolve if you’re going to increase your sales production. Sean Matheis and I have created 35 minutes of radio gold for you, like we always do.  

 If you want to increase your sales in a MAJOR WAY then fill out the form below and let’s talk. BUT don’t waste my fucking time. We get results. My sales team is fucking lethal. If you want a customized marketing plan and accountability to make sure you win, fill out the form. If you want to keep repeating and for things to stay the same that’s cool too. Just don’t have me call you and find that out. We are CLOSERS and we will call yo ass out.   For all you badasses out there who are so elite in your office that your co-workers aren’t anywhere on your level, hit us up. You’re the exact person we look for to help bust through to the next level. Fill it out. You know you wanna….


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