Rockstar Closer Radio: There Are NO Victims Here

Posted on August 19, 2014

Ryan Stewman



This week I decided to fire up the old mic and make shit get real. FAST. I’ve been doing sales calls lately and I hear a lot of people still victims of the past. You can’t be a victim but in that time and circumstance. 

It’s impossible for people to play the victim over one instance for long periods of time. But they do it anyway and defy the rule. Some people walk around holding complaining about shit that happened 15 years ago like it just happened. It’s time to get over shit and move on.  

So what you lost the sale? Who gives a fuck if the client was a dick to you? Move on and quit letting shit that has already happened affect you in the present. There’s no changing the past until they get us a damned time machine.  

This podcast is for the complainers out there. It’s also for the victorious. If you’re a winner, this show will empower the fuck out of you and make you want to even further murder your competition. For the victims out there, maybe this is the slap in the face you needed.  

If you’re ready to join me for a Break Free Academy exclusive, live event then fill out this application. From there we will schedule an interview with you to see if you got what it takes to BREAK FREE!!! Also don’t forget to share the show yo!!

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