Rockstar Closer Radio: Winning Back America with Sean Whalen

Posted on May 01, 2015

Ryan Stewman



I kind of feel like an asshole.  I’ve known Sean Whalen for years now, personally, and I’ve never had him on my show.  He’s one of the realest, coolest, dudes I know despite the fact that I’m (possibly) jealous of his beard. Sean Whalen
This show is different.  Sean and I talk about life, living, politics and religion.  This isn’t a “for closers only” type show.  We get deep into shit that’s wrong with the world today, and how it pains us to watch all this shit happen.
About the 30 minute mark, shit gets real and the program talks real shit, that everyone needs to hear.
Also, for all those people who’ve been watching Sean Whalen, wondering who he is and how he rose to fame, you’ll learn all about that on this show.  Make sure to share it with a friend if you dig it.
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Winning Back America with Sean Whalen

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