The Sales Cycle of Self Sabotage

Posted on May 14, 2014

Ryan Stewman



Due to the nature of my business, I have the esteemed pleasure of watching people beat their chests about sales on a regular basis. Most of it is bullshit. It’s one of the worst parts about being me. I smell bullshit a mile away.   

When I smell bullshit, any interests I had in the person immediately goes to the wayside. I couldn’t count how many people I see braggin on social media and starving in real life. It’s fucking sickening.  

So I got to thinking; Why is it that some people in sales can fool the masses but can’t accomplish true success?  

It’s all psychological bullshit. Let’s go really deep in the rabbit hole. When I tell you what I tell you, it’s from experience. Self realization leads to certainty which leads to more closed sales.  

Some salespeople feel that they need an angle that no other sales guy has taken. They will lie, cheat and steal in order to hold on to that angle. In the mean time they know subconsciously that they are doing the wrong thing and because of that sabotage real sales to boast about the fake ones.  

It’s fucking crazy, I know. The sad part is it’s true. They fear real success because that means they will have to show up and actually play all in, instead of faking all in from the sidelisabotagenes.  

Self Sabotage is a cold hearted bitch.   Most salespeople are afraid of the word “yes.” As salesmen we feel like we need to work extra hard in order to close a sale. If it’s too easy we call it a “laydown” and talk to ourselves like we don’t deserve it because we didn’t work hard enough.  

It all stems from our roots. Back in the caveman days we used to have to hunt, chase and kill our prey. The meal (payout) was always a reward for hard work. Naturally after over 2000 years of feeling like we have to work hard to eat, sitting behind a desk or talking on a phone doesn’t appease the need.  

Why do we bitch when sales are too easy to close?  

About two weeks ago Sean and I did a big deal with a big celebrity. We went in and he already knew us and was ready to sign without even hearing a sales pitch. We did the deal and when we left Sean said “Man, something was not right. That was way too easy.”  

I went on to explain to Sean about the cavemen and our natural tendency to fuck sales up if they are too easy. We tend to want to earn our meal, not have it given to us.  

I also explained to Sean that sales begins at first impression. The moment your prospect sees your first advertising piece, the selling process has begun.  

In my marketing campaigns I use email, text, video and social media. My goal is that by the time I get in front of, or on the phone with a prospect they know the drill and are ready to make a decision. This all starts with them seeing my marketing pieces.  

Don’t be afraid of the word “yes”. Matter of fact when you get easy yesses from laydowns, ask them for their friends and people they know. As a salesman you don’t have to work hard and fight objections with every prospect you come into contact with.  

Embrace the word “yes” and use the power of yes to propel you into the next sale. When sales are going smooth and easy it’s a sure sign your marketing is working. Whether it’s from referrals or from fresh leads that you put the right message in front of, keep it up.  

Many times us salesfolk will destroy something good in order to feel like we have work to do. We tend to love the building process but think we don’t deserve the finished product and the ease it provides us.  

Next time you get an easy yes, hit that client up for all they got. Friends, family, coworkers etc.. Hell, get them to mail their contact list for you. The easier sales are for you, the more you will enjoy and appreciate your commission and job.  

Bottom line, embrace and love the easy “yes”, don’t fear the close and think it was too easy for you to deserve. If you’re not getting enough easy yesses then your marketing is probably not serving you well. I can help you with that. Fill out the form below and let’s talk about it.


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