Rock Star Closer Radio: FUEL for Your Fire with Maria Mull

Posted on September 05, 2012

Ryan Stewman



This week my friend Maria Mull shares some of her real estate wisdom with us. I met Maria at the Inman Connect conference in San Francisco a couple of months ago.   Maria is THE recruiter with Atlantic Pacific Real Estate. This week she takes the time to tell our audience about APRE and their FUEL program.   She talks about having half a BILLION dollars in funds to buy real estate and why APRE is a place to begin a career. They don’t just have leads, they have deals!   Atlantic and Pacific Real Estate is changing the way real estate is done in a MAJOR way. Maria also talks about REO being THE market right now and how APRE is capitalizing on it.   Hear about all the cool things APRE and Maria Mull are doing in this weeks show. APRE is not only creating the agent OF the future, they are creating the agent FOR the future.   Enjoy the show:   

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