Rock Star Closer Radio: How To Be Influential on Instagram

Posted on October 03, 2012

Ryan Stewman



You probably already use Instagram on your mobile device as easy photo editing software. So do over 50 million other people. Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media sites on the web. It has to be the biggest photo app ever.   Maybe you hear that facebook purchased the photo giant after only 18 months in business for 1.2 billion dollars. There is even a website dedicated to how the founding tribe spends their money. It’s called The Rich Kids of Instagram. It’s a great site for money motivation.   With all that money invested and all of those users, you can use the mobile app as a tool to grow and market your business. On this show, I lay out a step by step plan to help you grow and build your business using this fun and easy photo app.   Tune in to learn how to take over your local market using instagram. 

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