Rock Star Closer Radio: Making IT Happen with Mary MacNeilly

Posted on August 08, 2012

Ryan Stewman



I HAVE to give props to my long time BFF Tim “Drez” Dreslinski for sending an email to Mary MacNeilly and copying me on it. When Mary and I originally spoke, I could feel her energy through the phone. Plus, I’ve known Drez long enough to know he is not going to waste my time ;-)   So Mary MacNeilly and I connected. I’m glad we did, because I caught her just at the right time, before she was too BIG TIME for a small show like this. Mary has just released her new book (You have to listen to the show to hear the title. How’s that for marketing?) and in her book there is a chapter that talks about turning your small to mid size business into a “money tree.”   In sales, and especially in the internet marketing world, we hear the words “money tree” a lot.  Mary has a proven track record of using innovative principles with a new spin, that convert your business into a “money tree”   Mary has a lot to offer us here at Rock Star Closer Radio and I’m glad she was able to share her story, and her content with us.   WE OWE YA DREZ!   

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