Rock Star Closer Radio: Prospects Plus with Julie Baron Escobar

Posted on August 22, 2012

Ryan Stewman



I’ve been friends with Julie Baron Escobar of Prospects Plus, on facebook, for a few years now. She came highly recommended to be a guest on the show, by my friend Virginia Munden.   Turns out Julie and I have tons in common, and she is an absolute perfect fit for our show. Julie is not just successful herself, she sees and hears success stories from realtors all the country.   Julie is a BOSS over at Prospects Plus and she knows her stuff. When it comes to combining direct response mail, with effective  content creation, nobody can touch what Julie and Prospects Plus do.   This week Julie excitedly  shares not only her personal story, but she will also share some marketing tactics that can be implemented into your business and get results, immediately.

Prospects Plus  

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You can take advantage of the promo that Julie mentions by Clicking Here PROMO CODE: POSTfuser Enjoy the show!


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