Sales Lessons from Someone Who’s Most Likely Outsold You (Me)

Posted on January 08, 2019

Ryan Stewman



It was 2009 and I drove a ‘09 Lincoln MKS. I wore designer jeans and Armani sunglasses.

A co-worker of mine was riding to lunch with me at the time and he probably doesn’t remember this but he said, “If I didn’t know better I’d swear you were making a million a year.”

I was only making about $200-300K annually.

Still, I looked the person I wanted to be. A millionaire.

I wasn’t faking it until I made it. I was acting as if I already was a millionaire and believing it until I achieved it. 

Now, I like to think I look like I make $100M a year because I will. In my mind it’s already happened; it’s just a matter of time.

Back to the sales lessons:

1. Look the part. No one wants to buy from a broke-ass salesman. If you look needy, people assume you’re not good at your job.

2. Keep Listerine strips in your pocket at all times. No one wants to talk to a stank breath salesman. Gum is tacky and needs to be spit out. Listerine strips are dissolvable.

3. Dress clean. I wear a t-shirt and jeans but they are wrinkle free and well-matched. If you wear a suit, get it tailored.

4. Drive a nice car. I’ve always had nice cars. My houses have always been affordable but my cars are top-notch. My prospects won’t see my house but they will see my car.

5. Listen more than you talk. The truth is no one cares about a salesman until they see he cares about them. Empathy comes from listening skills.

Sales is a first impression game. If you give off the right first impression your prospects won’t want to shop you.

I’ve followed these 5 rules since I was in my teens. They are timeless and paramount to your success in sales.

Sales is a mindset game. When you rewire your mind to win you will close more deals.

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