Sales Lessons Learned From a Greedy Las Vegas Casino

Posted on June 16, 2014

Ryan Stewman



If you want to fuck your clients over while padding your pockets beyond imagination, listen up, that’s exactly what Casinos in LV do.  The good news is they are masters at making you feel good about it.  This proves that marketing and language trump
If I were to tell you to make an investment that was 27 to 1 stacked against you, you’d tell me to get fucked.  Yet if I involved cards or dice, you’d probably be all over it.  It’s an amazing thing to see how making something fun will cause millions to spend their life savings.
The days of everyone being treated like gold at the casino is gone.  Old school casinos did it right.  These new ones like Aria and the likes, don’t give a rat’s ass about their clients.  Unless you’re paying attention, you’d never realize it though.
Think about it.  The level of greed is so strong in Vegas that they took the time, effort and money to set weight traps on the hotel room food that charge you even if you accidentally knock something over.  If you take a look at any casino on the strip, they have scaled each and every detail they can, and turned it into profit.
The odds are against you.  It’s ok when the casino holds the advantage but if you have an advantage like card counting or something that makes the game even, they won’t have any part of it.  The casino is only happy as long as it’s winning.  They don’t care if they take your life savings.  These folks sleep every night while cheating millions of people out of their money but using smart marketing schemes.
You may have heard the phrase “Everyone’s a winner” and there could be nothing further from the truth.  In most cases you bet $5 and win $2 but since you won, you feel like a winner.  Until all your cash is gone.

So what are the sales lessons learned here?

Let’s start with the things the casinos do well and relate them to you.  First the psycho babble and NLP language the casinos use is powerful.  It’s literal double speak.  They say one thing and mean the complete opposite.  If you read the signs on the games, they would have you believe you will be rich in one spin or pull.
Also have you noticed most of the ads on the buildings on the strip include, satan, sex, drugs, or other weird shit?  This is to encourage visitors to do things they normally wouldn’t do.  Apparently the shit works really well too.
The one thing casinos have for sure mastered is the art of getting every dollar they can out of the patrons.  Think about it.  The jewelry mark-up on the strip is out of control.  If anyone wins good money, you are immediately drawn to spend it on dumb shit at the malls next to the casino.  They literally can’t lose.
Most people who go to Vegas do dumb shit and harbor a lot of guilt from it. The casinos know this and will use it against you in a heartbeat.  There’s more than one reason there are cameras everywhere.  If you win big money and have skeleton in the closet, they will find it.
The truth is, casinos print money, If I remember right the Wynn was profitable in less than 48 hours.  Like most places that print money, they do so on the backs of us poor suckers who use them. These casinos are willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck.
The lessons here are really more about what not to do.  When you spend a week in Vegas and you’re a marketer, you have a lot to study.  Most of us are not willing to fuck over our clients any way possible to get paid.  But if you want to see a good example of that, just look at a casino.
IDK why people gamble or how those casinos stay open but one thing I can promise is that I want my clients to MAKE money, not for me to TAKE their money.   I’d rather be broke with successful clients than rich off other’s misfortunes.  I’m weird like that though…
The reason I was in LV was for our latest Break Free Academy event.  All 12 attendees left with leads and deals in the works.  We spent three days locked in one of the casinos printing our own money by giving good will, not evil.  If you’d like to know more about Break Free Academy simply fill out the form below.

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