Sales: MMA Vs. Boxing [Video]

Posted on January 30, 2018

Ryan Stewman



If you’re a salesman who can ONLY close one type of sale, you’re in for big trouble in the future. If you can only close face-to-face or only close on the phone, you’re what I consider a one-dimensional salesman. If you can only close using one type of close or pitch, you are in trouble.

In today’s age of digital prospecting, online networking and a multitude of other options, you’ve got to be a multi-dimensional salesman. You should know how to close online, offline, in person, on the stage, belly-to-belly and so on.

It’s time you practiced sales MMA.

Knowing how to sell a product across all platforms is a true art. It’s a skill so very few possess. Once you buy into closing across the board and put the time in to become the expert, you will see your commissions increase through the roof.

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