ryan-featuredEver wonder where all the cool people, who close deals, talk shit, and take care of business hang out?   I know I did.   If you’re sick of relying on the other people in  your office, company or personal sphere of influence for guidance you’re not alone.  It’s been my experience that if you surround yourself with the right people, the right things happen.  

My name is Ryan Stewman and before you arrived here on this sales page, you may have never heard of me.  While you’re reading this, I’ll clearly articulate why you should belong to our elite family of badass closers.  

After reading what’s being offered here on this page, you’re going to be asked to make a decision.  That decision is not about me.  It’s about a collective group of winners.  It’s bigger than me, bigger than you and bigger than us.  It’s a movement and a unique, elite, society that’s unmatched, anywhere.   I’m sure you’re wondering what this “elite society” is all about and why you should be a part of it.  Basically, what we are, is a group of sales pros from the real estate, mortgage, consulting, car sales and insurance industries that talk about how we got where we are and what we need to get the the next level.   We meet online weekly to discuss important, up to date issues that need to be solved now.  

If you have a question, problem, dilemma or issue with your business, the pros in our group can help you solve it from multiple angles outside of your current emotional box.   Each month we introduce a new marketing, sales or advertising concept.  While most programs try and throw new strategies at you every time you meet up, our goal is to help you master each strategy before you move on to the next.  

Because of our philosophy being different than everyone else, we are able to tout ourselves as the group that is known for 200%+ increases in new member’s production.  Besides being a member of our Business Growth Forum, we’ll help you on a weekly basis, accomplish your goals.  

Here are some of our current members and what they say about their personal experiences, being a part of this badass group of winners.

Our weekly meetings take place online via phone, or google hangout.  The platform varies depending on the strategy and the type of training needed.  Each month we will follow the following protocol for new strategy training.  

Week 1 of each month: In this meeting we will introduce the monthly concept to you and give you the entire strategy from the 50,000 foot view all the way to ground level.  Even underground if you need it!

Week 2 of each month: This is where we take the monthly concept from information, to creation.  This could include creating web pages, online ads or outlining the steps needed to implement the information you learned the previous week.

Week 3 of each month: This is the week we put 100% of our focus on implementing the strategy that you learned the previous week.  Remember, knowledge is useless without action.  By this time you’ve learned it, made it and now it’s time to use it.  Momma always said “use it or lose it honey”

Week 4 of each month:  This is where we will showcase members of the club’s results, share ideas and strategies and get any questions you may have, answered.  Before we move on to the next set of strategies, we want to make 100% sure you are doing what you are supposed to do with the current strategy.

Weekly meetings are not all what being a part of this group is about. We also have something we call the “Business Growth Forum” [BGF] this is a highly active, secret group on facebook that only members have access to.   Our BGF is loaded up with trainings.  We’ve got audio, video, and scripts you can use in your business to get leads and close deals immediately.  You’ll find more than enough information back there to give you a PhD in making shit happen.   One thing I want to make 100% clear about: This group is about YOU, not about us.  Our goal in having you be a part of our family, is that you win.  We want you to post questions.  We want you to give your advice to others.  We want you to be a part of our culture.

Who this group is NOT for

This group is not for complainers, whiners or losers.  If you bring bullshit negativity to our group you will be kicked out and ridiculed.  Our BGF and weekly meetings are not the time to complain about your work or life, they are the time to learn new stuff and change your work and life.

Who this group IS for

We are for salespeople, leaders, winners, closers and anyone else whos is at the top of their game and wants to surround themselves with people equal to or greater than them.  When you align yourself with winners, you can’t help but win.   This is a year long program.  Sure, you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice but that’s not what we want from you.  We want to help you over the course of 12 months, master your craft and take your business to the level you set your goals on.  

The coolest part

The people who are a part of our elite group, are connected on levels you’ve never imagined. The people you’ll connect with back here will generate a relationship that can go many places and last a lifetime.  If you’re surrounded by like minded people, how could you NOT connect with someone who helped you and your business skyrocket?  It’s the law of attraction at it’s finest.   If you think you have what it takes to hang with the crew, simply click the button below, pay and join the group.  Once you’re on the inside, you’ll find all the details you need to plugin, in the BGF.  When you get there, be sure to post and be social.   I’m personally looking forward to watching you and your business grow to levels previously unexpected.  I’ve seen it.  From working with the guys on TV to top producers in every major market in the United States, I’ve seen it happen time and time again.  The question is: Are you next?


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