Sales Voodoo and Jedi Ninja Mind Tricks

Posted on October 14, 2013

Ryan Stewman



You like that fancy blog post title don’t cha? It’s true, you’re reading this because you want a faster, more effective way to get your prospects to see your value and ultimately buy your shit. I can’t help but notice a lot of marketers using cool buzz words like “sales ninja” or “jedi voodoo purveyor”. Truth is, they are just fancy words used to entice lazy people who don’t want to put in the actual work and add value in their marketplace.    

However, for those of you who are willing to put in the work, I will share with you three sales hacks that will help you get in the mind of your prospect quicker. What you do with it from there is up to you. I can’t hold your hand on every deal you do! #lol What I can do for you, is give you the ammunition you need to get the information you want from your target.  

Let me teach you three, easy to use, sales tactics you can implement and increase your closing ratios. There is a catch to all of this, you have to actually do these in order for them to work. The other catch is that you need to share this post on social media. Hook a brotha up!  

The Jedi Mind Trick:

If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, you should be familiar with Jedis and how they control a lot of specie’s minds throughout the movie. Sales people have long been attracted to this. Imagine how fun it would be to have your clients scream out “Fuck Yes!”  

Here’s how it works. First shut up! Jedi’s had their victims talk for them, they didn’t do the talking. Let’s make sure to model their process in order to get it right. The way to get your prospects to talk, is to ask them questions. Simple questions are all you need. Questions like “What made you decide to reach out to me?” or “Why do you think you would be a good fit for what we have going on over here?” These are just 2 examples of easy, yet powerful questions that you can use to uncover the true needs of your prospects. Once they’ve given you answers to why and let you know their needs, if you offer a solution how can they refuse? They’ve already sold themselves…  

Valuable Voodoo Potion:

Many sales people these days have access to shitty marketing and promo material. You know, the useless junk you give out with your company logo on it. What value does that bring to your clients? Do you really think a styrofoam football is going to bring you a sale? No! What you need is a magic potion. A money-gettin magic potion. Sales voodoo if you will. jedi

Here’s how to make it. First you need to have an understanding of the biggest problem facing your prospects. Is it more leads, more closed sales, more contacts, faster systems? Once you know exactly what that big ass problem is, you need to know how to fix it. More importantly you need to know how whatever it is you sale can fix it. Write the steps out that you took to to solve the problem. Something like this; Step One: Login to your portal Step Two: Print out Document 2 Step 3: Change line item 3 to… Whatever steps you took to solve that problem put them on an easy to read list.  

Next make a 3 minute or less video telling them how you’ve solved their problem. In the video make sure the call to action is to get your “Step-by-Step Problem Solving Blueprint” Be sure to get them to give you a name and email at least in exchange for the blueprint. Also make sure one part of the blueprint is “Buy my shit” After they’ve seen you on video, you’ve solved their problem and even given them a document to share with co-workers with your contact info on it. That, my friends, is a steaming hot lead magnet.  

Samurai Sales Solution:

Samurais are extremely stealthy. They were known for battling people quietly and one on one. In a noisy war situation, the samurais would sneak up on their enemy and kill them before they knew what hit ’em. They are always quietly working behind the scenes. This tactic is perfect for leveraging social equity.  

Do it like this: When you are on social media, instead of posting on your prospects wall, (which is ok too) go behind the scenes and private chat with them. Use the other two, above, tactics in a private setting to where your competition and haters can’t see you working. You can communicate and close in secret groups, private personal messages and private fanpage messages. Starting the conversation off away from the public eye can be a great way to “git er done!”  

There you have it, three easy to use tactics to help you better prospect and close. These are not mental shortcuts. Matter of fact, they are quite the opposite. Asking the right questions is an art. Tracking your solution and building a blueprint is shit experts do. The good news about this is, those that take action and do these steps will be perceived as and become an expert.  

Think about just the blueprint alone. When’s the last time you got some marketing swag that made you money? That actually solved a problem? It’s been a while, I’m sure. You’ve now put yourself in a valuable position with them that now small frisbee with your logo could ever do.  

My challenge for you today, is to take action and follow the above three steps. You’ll not only see more prospects, you’ll see more sales. Trust me, I’m a Doctor. (not really) If you’d like to quit fucking around and wasting your time. Good! I can help. It’s time to get on board with a mentor who can seriously give you the tools and info you need to get where you wanna go. I’m that guy. Fill out the form below for a free strategy session with me or one of my crew. Talk to you soon.

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