Why Are Salesmen Such Gluttons for Punishment?

Posted on February 11, 2014

Ryan Stewman



What is it about being a salesman that makes some of us self loathe so much? Why do we feel like we have to work so hard for each sale? What’s the psychology behind EARNING the sale? Is it because we use our words and not hard labor that makes us feel like we need to sell three times as hard to close a half deal?    

Let’s explore this shall we…  

Some salesmen just want to watch the world burn. Well at least their own world burn in most cases. I’ve seen it thousands of times. I hear it on sales calls every day. Salesmen hurting themselves so they feel like they are earning their keep/pay. Why? Why do you feel like you have to work so damn hard? Didn’t you get into sales to avoid hard work to begin with?  

This is not some rare phenomena either. It happens every day in a cubicle next to you. It causes stress at home, self hatred and a lost sense of self worth. It’s got to be the leading cause of heartburn and heart attack among us salesfolk.  

We even have locker room talk for when a sale was too easy. We say things like “oh shit that was a laydown deal it don’t count” We act like as if you need to struggle to make it in sales. Hell, even our fucking sales managers reward us when we overcome every objection but poke fun at us if we get a laydown it ain’t right.  

Since day one on the job, salesmen get conditioned to think this way. When a great salesman arrives at a point where his influence is large and job easy, he does things to destroy what he’s built, like raising prices.  

What is it about needing a serious challenge that appeals to us? What’s the fucking deal with that? Oh WAIT!!! I know why. It’s because society hates us because society hates winners and some of the biggest winners in society are salesmen. For some odd reason us badass salesmen want to take that burden on. Fuck those people. If you don’t like salespeople fuck you. We don’t like you either. Bet we get in your mother fucking wallet though.

…Went on a little rant there, sorry. Can you tell I’m passionate about my people?  

Listen to me. It doesn’t have to be hard to be a salesman. Once you find your groove, your pitch, and your method that works, stick with it. Don’t fall into the bullshit pattern that others want you to fall in. Break away from that shit. The less stress you have at work, the better every other part of your life will be.  

I fell into this trap for many years. To the point to where I would follow up with my hard to sell clients and ask them for business but not the laydowns. Then, on the same note, I’d wonder why all my fucking sales were so damned hard to close. Even this stoner can see the light from time to time.  

I started treating my “lay downs” like gold. I took extra care of them. With the same effort I would put in for objecting assholes, I’d put in for laydowns. Those laydowns sent more laydowns and all of a sudden my job was easier. People arrived at my phone pre-sold. Not that there weren’t occasional objections to overcome, but there were far less per each person objecting.  

If you’re tired of baning your head into the wall and working three times harder than you need to, stop it. Go back to your database and pull out the easy to sell customers. Follow up with them. Thank them for how easy it was to earn their business. Ask them how they are enjoying your products etc…  

Next time your colleges or manager tells you the “laydown didn’t count” tell them to “fuck off”, You aint trying to work harder than needed to make a sale. You’re just that good. Seriously, don’t buy into that bullshit any longer.  

If you want help with your sales game to where you CAN close people with ease and without all the extra bullshit work, hit me up. Fill out a form, send me a message or whatever. Just reach out to me. If you don’t contact me first how will I know to help you? Let’s do this shit!!!


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