Salespeople: Stop Blowing Your Money On Stupid Shit [VIDEO]

Posted on April 26, 2017

Ryan Stewman



We, salespeople, are notorious for being rich on Friday and broke on Monday. The commission-only life lures us to spend all our earnings with the confidence we will earn it all right back. But what about an inevitable time that will come when it all goes away? Are you prepared? I am.

You see, back when I was in my 20’s my friends drove $100K cars, did bottle service every weekend and went on lavish vacations any chance they got. Meanwhile, I hunkered down, saved cash and built an investment portfolio. When 2009 hit, most of those friends lost their jobs, had to move home with their parents and start all over. Meanwhile, 2009 was my best year as a loan officer.

The world wants you to blow your money. If you start buying clothes, cars, jewelry and other worthless shit, you will always be hungry, therefore, always be a good little worker for the man. But those of us who ignore the pressure to conform can collect bank paper like a hoarder collects waste paper.

In this video, I’m going to tell you about just one of the times I made a good decision with my money and where it led me to be today.

Stop listening to rappers, your manager and society pressuring you into blowing your cash. That shit is for sheep. We do wolf shit here at Hardcore Closer and that includes stacking paper instead of blowing it.

Sure, it may suck at the time. I wish I could blow all my money, too. I can afford million dollar homes, exotic cars and all that but I don’t buy them. Instead, I have one hell of a stock portfolio and I own three houses, two of which are paid for in cash. If you’re tired of being rich on Friday and broke on Monday, watch this video, it will change your mind. Don’t forget to share it with a fellow salesperson who needs to hear it.

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