The Science Behind Selling with a Smile

Posted on January 27, 2014

Ryan Stewman



Back in the day when I did one of my first 5 podcasts, I recorded a whole episode about the power of smiling. Sounds simple and stupid, but the power of smiling is undeniable in sales. Smiles are contagious. Ever seen someone smiling big that made you mad? No, of course not, because it’s impossible.    

Let’s talk about the power of smiling. Allow me to walk you through a little exercise. Right now wherever you are at start smiling the biggest smile you’ve ever smiled. Now smile even harder. Keep smiling. That’s it right there. Now get angry. Don’t frown. Hold the smile and get pissed. Ok let’s try this; While holding your big smile think of the last thing that pissed you off and get mad at it. Still nothing?  

It’s damn near impossible for us to smile and be angry at the same time. Let’s try one more experiment. Ask the person next to you to smile big. Bigger. Then look at them in their big smile and call them an asshole and mean it. Seriously! You know they’ve had it coming for a while any way. Still can’t get mad? Both of you broke out laughing you say. Hmmmmm…. the science behind selling is hard to refute.  

Enough experimenting let’s get into the science of smiling and how it applies to making more sales.  

The two tests I just put you through were visual tests. You got to see the person’s smile and feel the vibe. The same power comes over the phone too. People can distinctly hear smiles in your voice. Tonality can’t be denied. We’ve been trained all our lives to detect subliminal tones that could pose danger to us. We hear shouting and our amygdala tells us to move away and distance ourself. We hear laughing and our curiosity drives us to investigate the source.  

The same principle applies to sales. If your voice exudes happiness and a smile, your prospect hears, as well as feels it. People like to work with happy people. Why? Because most people are unhappy and if they see you are happy, they want what you got. The fist step for them to get un-unhappy is for them to align with you. Smiles are contagious, like that violent stomach bug that passed through my house last week.  

When I’m on sales calls I’m focused on two things. Making the person laugh and solving their problem. I know, first hand, that if I can do these two things on a call, I can clos
e them. Also, if I can get someone to laugh at my humor I know they will be fun to work with. If I was some serious dickhead that made it seem like this whole coaching experience was going to be like having a drill sergeant at boot camp, most folks would pass me by. Instead they want to know what the fuck I’m always so happy about. More importantly they want to be happy along with me.  

Most of the time when you are selling, you’re actually selling something other than you think. You’re selling a lifestyle and attitude more often than you are selling products or services. You’ve got to get big picture in your thinking if you’re going to really step up and be a Hardcore Closer.  

This week as you start your workday off, take 5 minutes and watch some comedy on youtube. Put a BAMFS (big ass mother fucking smile) on your face and get your prospect to laugh with you. Share the jokes you heard on youtube. Work entertainment and a smile into your pitch.   Once your prospects get the feeling you’re fun to work with, you’re in! Most of us are subconsciously programed to think worst case scenario. Even in the midst of bad customer service or experience, your smile will send a calming signal to your prospects. They will enjoy the fact that when they need you, you’re there for them, and with a smile. I’m telling you, the shit is attractive.  

The bottom line here is for you to smile. Even if it’s forced. When you’re armed with comedy, jokes and a smile, you will sell a shit ton more. Trust me I’m a fucking expert at this. While your miserable ass competitor brings his home issues to work along with his frown, you have a chance to close with a smile.   Don’t let simple things like smiles keep you from earning more money to fund a better life for you and your family. I turn cowards into closers. If you want in on the Hardcore Closer tribe, fill out the form below. We’re screening new members. Don’t waste my time. if you’re not serious don’t fill it out. There are no free rides in this park.


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