The Secret To Closing More Sales [Video]

Posted on April 25, 2016

Ryan Stewman



There’s only one thing that bridges the indecision of your prospect to the close of the sale. That one thing is confidence. Without confidence, a beast of a salesman will turn loser who couldn’t close a ziplock bag. It takes confidence to close. That’s it plain and simple.
So where does confidence come from?
Well, there’s a few places that a solid salesman needs to have confidence in. He needs to have confidence in his product. Confidence in his product knowledge and confidence that he can deliver what he promises. There’s other areas the salesman needs confidence in, but these are the main points.
When you know your shit, you know you’re the shit. When you know your product back and forth, and KNOW it’s what the prospect needs, you’ll see them have more faith in the words you use, than the doubts in the back of their own minds. When you show up to the sale and you know with certainty that you’ve got the answer, that’s when they buy.
The key to closing more sales is confidence
We go through experiments, to gain experience and become experts. When you’ve got the experience, you gain the confidence. The ONLY reason I’m 100% confident in my sales skills is because I have the experience. I’ve been there done it and done it again. I know what works. Therefore I know it will work. My confidence is at an all time high on calls.
Learning and practicing daily are the best ways to gain expertise and confidence. If you’ve sold 100 cars, then you’ve experienced 100 transactions and have the confidence to know how they go. Same goes for anything you sell. Once you’ve sold enough, seen the results and made clients happy, you become the confident expert.
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