My Secret To Getting Massive Amounts of Shit Done Daily

Posted on May 28, 2017

Ryan Stewman



In the last two years, I’ve been interviewed by magazines, podcasts and websites almost 300 times. The most frequent question I’m asked is “How do you get so much done on a daily basis?” Much like anyone else who’s high performance, I have a system and a formula I stick to that allows me to get massive amounts of shit done every day. I’ll share it with you.


A long time ago, I learned that I needed to control time, not let time control me.

I make the decision of what I do every second of the day. You can’t let time control you. What I mean by that is if you’re not in charge of what you do with your time, it will slip out from under you. You can’t just “wing” your days. You must schedule your days out. 
I use a combination of tools to schedule my days out. First, I use Schedule Once, a cheap tool that allows people to click a link, see what slots I have open and set a time to speak with me. I give this link out to clients, VIPs and employees only. In the time most people burn going back and forth trying to sync schedules, I can just drop them a link and let them do it on their own. This is a massive time saver for me. Especially when you consider 5-10 people a day schedule time with me via the link. I literally save 2-3 hours a day by using this link.

Every minute counts. 

I tie the Schedule Once to my Google Calendar. From there, I sync my Google Calendar with my iPhone native calendar app. You can go into settings on an iPhone and turn all the Apple calendars and mail off and only use Google Calendar. This allows me to see all my daily appointments in one, easy-to-access place. Several of my high-level employees also have access to my calendar, and they add the tasks they need me to do in there as well. 
With Schedule Once, Google Calendar and my team all working to keep me on track, there’s only one thing I have to focus on each day, and that’s doing the stuff on my calendar. I only allow stuff to be scheduled from 10 am to 6 pm Central Time. If they can’t fit stuff in during those hours, there’s a good chance I’ll never do it. 
My daily appointments run from 10 am to 6 pm. This gives me ample time in the morning to prepare for the day. A typical day may include a podcast interview, a blog post, video, travel and group training. On top of that, I might do another 2-3 sales calls. On my calendar, we book slots from 15 minutes and up.

Every little detail of my day is scheduled. 

Since I don’t have any appointments until after 10 am, I wake up around 4:30 or 5 am and start work. I have an office in my home so there’s no commute time for me, which means I can knock more shit out. I love waking up early. I can work without distractions. At 5 am, no one is emailing, sending DMs, calling, or any of that. Hell, my family isn’t even awake. I get total silence and time to focus on what I need to get done for the day. I call this front loading.

It’s 6 am right now as I’m writing this article. 

I front load my day hard. From 5-6 am I post on social media, answer emails, write content, research daily appointments and all-around handle business. At 6:30 am, I spend an hour at CrossFit, which is four mins from my home. By 7:45 am, I’m back home, and I get cleaned up for work and eat. This means that by 8:30 am, I’m back in front of the computer answering DMs and emails for 30 mins. 
At 9 am, I have a daily meeting with everyone who works for me. We go over the day’s goals, yesterday’s numbers and where we are vs. where we need to be. I drop some motivation on them and fire them up to get their jobs done during the day. They also take the time to ask questions and give me feedback. This call is never longer than 20 mins. 
From 9:30-10 am, I wrap up my morning. At 10 am, my day really starts, and I have to have my game face on and be ready to conquer the day. This allows me one last “moment of silence” before the gates fly open and the horse race begins. If I wanted to get something done before 10 am, and it didn’t make it, I add it to my schedule down the road where I can fit it in. 
I don’t take lunches. I have lunch brought to me, and I eat at my desk. I work through lunch because there’s no point in me taking a break to eat when I can just eat and keep working.

Every minute you save by working efficiently is another minute you get ahead of those who didn’t manage their time correctly. 

Depending on what day it is, I have set things I must do each week as well. We record Whiteboard Wednesday videos on Tuesday morning; I do my THC Podcast recording on Tuesday morning as well. Each Sunday, I write 1-2 original blog posts. The way I make this quick and easy is by writing headlines in Evernote all week long. This way, on Sunday I don’t need headlines and ideas; I just need content. 
On Monday and Thursday, I focus on training and working with my clients. These are the two days that I dedicate to helping the members of The Tribe and creating the trainings for those people I work closely with. Twice a month, I spend the evenings training the BFA Entourage group with something we call “Night School.” 
It’s all in my system.
-Wake up early and knock out work during quiet time. 
-Follow strict schedule of workload
-Stick to routines of when shit gets done
-Control time and work from a schedule
Now, you might be wondering when I have time for my bride and three sons. Notice I said my schedule ends at 6 pm? After 6 pm, I have a burner phone I keep on me that only five people have the ability to text. I completely leave work for the day and focus on family and fun. Each Thursday night, Amy and I do date night. We go out and have a good time. A real good time if you know what I mean…

Also, I take Fridays off. There is no schedule for Friday.

If I want to work and get ahead, I can, but if I want to relax (which never happens), I can do that, too. Most Fridays, I work from 5 am to noon then enjoy time with friends. Same goes for Saturday and Sunday, too. I may work a few hours each day, but I get those hours knocked out early in the morning, so my day is free. 
Time is what you make of it. I learned that over four years in prison. While some people left the joint the same way they went in, I focused on a schedule and spent the time improving myself. I read books, lifted weights, etc. I carried those routines with me out here, and they have served me well.


It’s amazing what the mind can do when it’s forced into certain situations. 

The key thing I forgot to mention about all of this is that it takes focus and discipline to stick to a schedule and stay in the zone. Especially for those of you who have ADHD and other challenges. The focus and sticking to the schedule is the key to successfully getting more shit done than anyone else.
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